• The Fiction Aisle - Heart Map Rubric

Brighton's own, and the latest in a long-line of projects from the mind of Mercury Prize nominated Electric Soft Parade frontman Thomas White, The Fiction Aisle bring together a fine assortment of Brighton's best musicians to create a truly glorious sound. It's epic, progressive pop of the highest level. The Fiction Aisle released their debut album, Heart Map Rubric, late in 2015 on Thomas's own label imprint (Chord Orchard), garnering 6Music's attention alongside a slew of glowing reviews for both the album and their live shows. Combining a love of classic song-writing, with hints of jazz and lounge, alongside schizophrenic nose-dives into the heavier territory explored by 70s prog rock, this unique group are not to be missed.

Originally only available on CD and digital, the album Heart Map Rubric is now available for the first time on double vinyl from Brightonsfinest Presents. This special edition includes the original album, The Dream EP (featuring a selection of songs from their limited edition second album Fuchsia Days), and a new single version of album track 'Outskirts'. Thomas' band Electric Soft Parade were Mercury Music Prize nominated on their debut album Holes In The Wall, produced by Chris Hughes and Mark Frith. Thomas reunited with the same production team to record 'Outskirts (Revisited)' specially for this release.

 Track Listings

Side: 1
  1. Blue - The Fiction Aisle
  2. Sleep Tight - The Fiction Aisle
  3. Love Come Save Me - The Fiction Aisle
  4. Each & Every One - The Fiction Aisle

Side: 2
  1. Fears - The Fiction Aisle
  2. Major Seventh - The Fiction Aisle
  3. What's A Man To Do? - The Fiction Aisle
  4. The Colour Of Morning - The Fiction Aisle

Side: 3
  1. Outskirts
  2. New Year's Day
  3. The Sea Rolls On Forever
  4. Soon Enough The Morning Comes

Side: 4
  1. Dust
  2. Threnody (For E.A.)
  3. The Dream
  4. Country Mile
  5. Outskirts (Revisited)

The Fiction Aisle - Heart Map Rubric

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